Hey GOOD News for CP fans

hi guys you see its been one week i didnt post anything couse i was busy working on the club penguin hack looks like after this hard work after 2 months i have got THE CP HACKING TEAM
MEMBERSHIP HACK now the story how do i download it :i searched all over youtube i found some tools for bypassing cpalead it was wsting time couse they upload it to sharecash.org so ive give uped then i was just bieng to leave hack but before that, i haved the great luck ive found a servey it was very easy i used my luck and i download it but its not finished. bad news: the program wont work UNLESS to ACTIVATE it by completing one offer at prizerebel.com i try to activate it using vpn i post the activated link later couse im trying myself to activate

link: its at cheat and hack page

thanks,ilia daryaie

Membership on Blog !!!!

hey guys did you give my url to your friends ok im giving you an special offer if you give my url to your friends and subcribe my site as good site i will give you a chance to become a member of this site and togather were can rule the blog but for changing name we have to talk about this only the thing you have to do is to tell your friends to write that who told the site to him and give your mail at comment page this offer will finish soon so do it now and get one of the prizes on blog you can also take quiz at member page and if the answers was right at that page i write (******** is now a member please give your mail) and i send you medal heres a picture (each > means 2 month-each star means 2 month 1year means owner)

hi again did you heard about the new CONTEST page

hi i expect you telling my site to your friends but thats not what im going to say .the thing is that i build a new page at top of the blog. every week a new contest will be coming up and every two weeks the prize* will change. so what are you waiting for go there and read the instruction carfully i bet you WIN

DAP 9.4 PREMIUM for FREE!!!!!

Download Accelarate Plus 9.4 PREMIUM
as you know DAP is a very powerfull download manager and has to many fans.but on internet you need to download free and perchase the premium that make 400% faster.people waste their time to find some way and get the premium but it dont work. days a go I made a application hacker so it would registered the real and hack it or should i say buy it for free and re write the full application you dont understand but any way get youre DAP PREMIUM FOR FREE heres the URL:

copy it and replace with real file for more info email me and give your mail

my email: iliadaryaie@gmail.com also avalable at download page and 4shared.com


clicking on buttons to start for downloading links cheats and more

also this site avalable on persian farsi language for farsi go to this link